[SSD] What is the steady state performance of intel 520?

What is the steady state performance of intel 520 for incompressible sequential read and write? are there any performance difference between 180gb and 240gb?

im looking for a ssd drive that have AT LEAST 120MB steady state performance for incompressible sequential read and write. Anybody knows any? are intel 720 series any better?

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    This might help:,3124.html

    Page 12 of the review mentions steady state.

    Here is another one:

    Page 4 mentions steady state.

    Here's one more with steady state statistics for the 520 used as an enterprise drive:

    There is no Intel 720 Series ssd. Did you mean the 710 Series? The 710's are enterprise drives.

    What do you do with your pc?
  2. thanks. i looked at tomshardware article before but cant find what im looking for. maybe i dont understand the badly legend charts.

    its not something i do with my pc. its about a research i develop for company that i work.


    found what i need from your reply.

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