Palit GTX470 Customized Dual Fans!

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  1. :bounce:

    Looks neat. I like how they did the dual fans which is whole bracket instead of individual fans attached.

    You guys should have a contest for this card. I would love to win one.
  2. This is a very attractive looking card.

    Is there any chance Palit engineers are working on a 2-slot, dual-fan design that doesn't still exhaust into the case, though? That's the only downside I find with dual-fan designs... One that doesn't exhaust into the case would be amazing!

    Get some engineers working on that! :D
  3. Nvidia don't produce video cards, well not mass production. They only make GPU.
  4. I want one. :( Wife won't let me spend the money. LOL I keep watching ATI 5850's and GTX 470's going on Ebay and have been very tempted. :) Just saw that Biostar is apparently selling their ATI 5850's on Ebay. Watched one go for $255 just a few minutes ago.
  5. sweet card.
    be dope to see the fans in Nvidia green and the heatsink in black.

    I cant wait for this card to be a dual GPU card!
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