Age old question of why only 2GB showing

Can someone tell me why there is only 2GB showing on my Asus P5QPro mobo in the boot up screen running windows 7 32 bit....I tried installing 64 bit but it still show only 2GB even though 4 GB dual channel is installed..I according to the manual it should show 3 GB if there is 4GB fitted as far as I can make out! I have tried the normal route of swapping the slots and the RAM modules around but no luck the only difference is that it will show it as 2GB Interleaved when 4GB is fitted and 2GB singlular when one Module is fitted so it is recognising it is installed...Regards Lee
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  1. Welcome to the forums. Just so you know, because of the x86 architecture of your OS, you will not be able to use more than 3.75GB. This is just the way a 32-bit OS works, in that it will always reserve RAM for hardware use.

    Press or click on the Start/Windows button. Click on Run. Type in "msconfig" without the quotation marks. Uncheck the "Maximum memory" box. Windows will now use all available (non-reserved) RAM.
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