SSD Raid for games and OS, or just games?

I just built a new PC and have put two Samsung 830 256gb drives in a raid 0 configuration. My plan was to install only games on this raid drive. I have an additional 128gb Samsung 830 that is not in a raid configuration. This 128gb drive currently just has Windows 7 on it, as well as miscellaneous programs. In terms of performance, is my current setup my best option with what I have? Or should I put absolutely everything on the raid drives? I'm using 2 WD HDDs in raid 1 for storage.
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  1. What percentage is your O/S drive filled? If it is over 80% full then install your O/S on your Samsung RAID, otherwise your current setup is good.
  2. I have 50GB free on the 128GB SSD (about 40% free) and I don't think I'll be using any more space on it anytime soon. I'd like to have all the space on the 2 drives in raid available for games, but if it would be a performance increase to squeeze the OS on there too, I'm not opposed.
  3. You're good to go as is.
  4. Your performance will be better benchmark-wise with your O/S on the RAID but real-world you wouldn't notice too much difference.
  5. I'm not concerned about what my benchmark numbers would be. If there truly wouldn't be a noticeable difference, I'd rather just keep it as is -- so I'll have more space.
  6. What about putting your OS, programs and games on the RAID0 SSDs and use your 128GB as a cache disk for your WD drives?
  7. My, 2x HDDs in RAID 1?????? Thast what yo defentelty should be going for RAID 0.

    RAID 1 nowadays IS NOT BACKUP. The proper way to do it is with a external HDD. If anything goes wrong, your files are emedialty acessable by ANY machine (including Macs out of curiosity)

    Now, of course putting the OS on a RAID 0 setup would be awesome, but for a better organized computer, is tottally fine to put OS and apps in one volume and exclusevely games on a second.

    If you feel sad that your OS and apps are not on your faster volume, buy a OCZ PCI-e SSD revodrive, for the ultimate experience!
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