HIS 4670 Show BUs Interface of 1x :/

Okay....Hello Everyone,
Now im having a very strange problem, I had recently built up a new computer around a Q6600 CPU and came up with this :
Intel Q6600 ( Stock Clocks)
MSI G31tm-p21
HIS 4670 1Gb PCI-E Ice-Q

And i dont understand how i still have lag in games, i see that the processor is doing fine not even taking that big of a load, but i notice that the Bus Interface for the Graphics Card stays at 1x (in GPU-Z). Now ive checked the bios all over to see if maybe there was a setting to select the speed but there is nothing. Anyone know about this issue?
Also the board claims to have PCI-E 2.0 just like the card so i figured this should all be working fine but its not :/
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  1. Do you have the newest BIOS for your board?

    Try reseating the card as well.
  2. yup, try reseating your card, make sure it properly inserted...
  3. could be your PSU..

    i have two 4850's and one of them was running at x4 even though it was in a x16 slot.. graphics weren't getting enough juice.. check your psu buddy
  4. Okay well i think im good on the parts i have and i did manage to get the bus to change to x4 but i dont remember how i think it was by increasing the speed of the PCI-E Frequency (Mhz) and right now its up to i belive...116, but it cannot go any higher since the SATA Drive gets knocked out. :/ Well here are the parts.

    MSI G31tm-21p Mobo ^^^^^

    HIS 4670 1gb ^^^^^

    RAIDMAX 530W PSU ^^^^^

    Crucial 4GB PC2-5300 Utilizing all of it (Windows 7 Ultimate X64)

    ***I also did reseat the card and cleaned it and still nothing :/
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