Installing Hitachi drive in Macbookpro

I have been looking every where for this answer and at this point I'm sure I'm looking right at it, so I apologize in advance. I bought a new 300 gig hitachi hard drive for my macbookpro after a hard drive crash. Is there anything I need to do before trying to install the OS? Partition? Format?
It goes without saying I appreciate any info you guys can share, and again I apologize if I'm being a pain-in-the-arse for redundancy.
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  1. You should be set to go, the first stage of the loading process has access to the disc utility. I imagine you will need to partition and format as drives generally don't come formatted with Mac OS extended. It is pretty easy though:)

    Think it is the 'c' key for boot drive selection...been a while (my 2006 model is still on the original drive).
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