Two different model radeon 5870's in crossfire - Any issues?

So I've recently built a new system and chose a xfx radeon 5870 model HD-587X-ZNFC for my gpu. Great card, have had 0 issues so far... but I recently saw a posting on craigs list for a HD-587X-ZNDC. Its a great price so I want to buy it, but it seems like the clocks are slightly different (it's the XXX edition). Will these two cards work in crossfire without any abnormal issues? Is it not a good idea?

If it does work, what happens to the clock speeds? Does the highest one clock down to match the lower card? I really want to pull the trigger on this card but not if it's going to make my system unstable.

BTW I have the necessary hardware requirements such as compatible motherboard and good power supply so thats not an issue.
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  1. Yep. They should work without any problems.

    But post the rest of your system specs - CPU info, PSU, etc so we can tell you whether or not you can run it.
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