Difference between 5770 versions

i'm set on buying a 5770, but i'm still not sure which version. i plan on overclocking, so i want one with a good stock cooler on it, and overclock out of the box isn't very important to me as a result.

i'm in canada, and looking at newegg.ca for these prices, here are all the models with their prices.


what i really want to know is: for ~20$ more than the Powercolor PCS+ (at 140$ after MIR), are the any of the other cards worth it?and if the answer is yes, then why, for future reference please :)

thanks in advance!
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  1. I would choose:

    Usually, Vapor-X version are great for overclocking cause it has a better cooler. :)
  2. yeah so i've heard, but is it really worth the 40$ more than the Powercolor...i kinda find that hard to believe.
  3. Yes, it's worth... I would stay away from Powercolor card.
    I want the best, so you wouldn't disappointed later...

    Well, anyone?
  4. Powercolor is really the bargain basement of ATI cards. I'd spend the little bit extra and grab the vapor-x. I've had first hand experience and they're awesome cards. Super quiet, super cool.
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