IDE hdd in a Motherboard with Sata ports only?


I just bought a Intel 66ww board to build a simple system for my office, I already have a 320 GB IDE (PATA) hard drive laying around and I was wondering if I could use that to install windows 7 on this system?

It seems my two choices are:

A SATA to IDE adapter which connects to the back of the hdd like this...

Or a PCI card like this...

My question is simply which one should I buy for more reliability? or they are both pretty much the same?

I thank you all in advance.

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  1. I have had trouble with the SATA to IDE adapter, my new computer couldn't detect the DVD drive in which i decided to just put in a SATA drive. I don't know how well the PCI cards work tho. Didn't know they had them either.. i'll have to try one out on my older machine that only has 2 SATA ports.
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