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Hi, I'm not interested in gaming but want to build a great 3d rendering/modeling architecture. I haven't done it before so need some advice i've had some mjor blue screen problems with asus bios dell windows 7 CPu at work so don't want to get that should i try the intel core i7930 quad core socket LGA 1366 & Asus P6T SE? i need at least 6 gig memory. Any advice suggestion? ( also I don't know how to clock or even if i need to ) thanks
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  1. I'd opt for this newer ASUS board: P6X58D-E

    Yes, go for the i7-930.

    RAM - 1 or 2 kits of either g.skill 1333 cas 7 or g.skill pi 1600 cas 7

    GPU - Do you want to use the professional workstation cards i.e. ati's firegl or nvidia's quadro lines? I personally don't think they are worth the extra cost so I went with an nvidia GTX 470.
  2. thx waffleufugus - i'll go with a nvidia gtx470, i'll start with 1 kit of 1600 and upgrade l8r though i find with rendering it doesn't really make that much difference to the render time but helps in the post prod bigger adobe files. I really want to see if I can keep to a budget of $1000 - $1500
  3. first of all. i think you dont need that gtx 470. because it does not help in rendering. it all based in the cpu. better yet, get a ssd and a profesional workstation card like wat waffle said.

    cpu:i7 930
    mobo:GA X58A-UD3R
    ram:gskill PI 6gb cl7
    case:cm haff 922
    hdd:samsung f3 1tb
    gpu:ati hd 5770
    ssd:intel X25-M 50gb
    dvd:cheap dvd drive
    psu:antec earthwatts 650


    and add $100 for a windows 7 64bit?

    and incase u dont have a monitor THIS just for $200.
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