New video card, now no display

Hi :) I was trying to breathe some life into our old computer by buying a new video card. I like to play DDO and was hoping to get some better performance (currently running everything on low with a fps of about 15 idle - yuck). Below is a link for our computer:

We've upgraded to 1GB ram, installed a larger hdd and we haven't had the onboard video enabled for about the last 5 years, but everything else remains untouched.

I did a bit of shopping around and ended up buying this card from newegg:

I thought it should be compatible, but when I installed it and powered up, I get no display whatsoever. The fan on the new card is working, just no display. If I put our old geforce in, it works fine. I tried:

- re-sitting the card several times
- adjusted bios settings
- cleared my cmos (jumper settings)
- uninstalled all my old drivers
- switched power supplies (both are generics)

..and no dice. I'm wondering if my generic psu is the problem or if my computer is just too darn old to support this card. The psu in there right now is a 480w. A new system isn't feasible right now (even thou I'd love it!). I'm at a loss for what to do, any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thanks! :)
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  1. Your system has nVidia drivers installed and it's telling the system to lookfor an Nvidia card that you have since taken doesn't find it and also has no ATI drivers to load so you have confused the hell outta your ole puter.

    1. Install old card, boot machine.
    2. Uninstall nVidia drivers, shut down system
    3. Install new ATI card, boot
    4. Install new ATI drivers, reboot

    If you have problems, uninstall all video drivers, reboot and run a registry editor like CCleaner to remove any registry entry that has ATI or nVidia referenced. Reboot and repeat step 4
  2. I did uninstall my nvidia drivers, but never did a reg clean. I had tried installing my ATI drivers for the new card too but that didn't work. I'll try again with the reg clean too and report back. Thanks
  3. Ok I uninstalled all nvidia drivers again, ran ccleaner, checked regedit for entries, rebooted (back to vga), took out the old card and put in new, still didn't work, put in old card again, installed ati drivers and agp hotfix, rebooted, installed new card again, still didn't work.

    It's like the monitor is getting no signal. Zero display right from boot and orange flashing light.
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