Epox 9NPA3 Ultra Need PC Case?

I am very stuck!
My motherboard went bad on my pc and I decided to be clever and buy one on ebay. OH boy...did I mess up. I saw this Epox 9NPA3 Ultra with an AMD dual processor. For some reason, I just thought the board would slip right in in my case! it is longer and now I am screwed. I don't know what kind of case to buy to put this Mobo in. It came with processor, fan, graphics card etc.
Anyone have any experience with this and may be able to help me?
Please please help. thanks
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    That board should fit in most standard atx cases. Will definately work in the antec 300 for around $55 at newegg.
  2. Yes, you are were right. I guess the old case was a mini, it looked standard.
    It did fit in a larger case and now my pc is doing great. thanks
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