Rage fury pro / xpert 200 pro HELP!

Hey i have a amd seperon 3000+ processor with a rage fury pro card in it and i tried running league of legends but an error message comes up and says your graphics card does not support shader 2.0 model please update drivers ? does this mean im out of luck cause i updated all drivers from their web site .... i mean this is to the point where ide paypal someone if they fixed it using remote access.
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  1. It means your card is too old and the game requires a card that can support shader 2.0 model. Drivers won't help because the game was programmed to use shader 2.0.

    You're going to have to upgrade your video card. Of course, it depends on what you have: AGP, PCIe. But, even getting a newer card means it will be bottle-necked by your CPU.
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