Possible to remove existing hardware raid

I want to remove my hardware raid 1 I setup as cannot install Ubuntu again due to the way the partitions are mapped. My dual boot of Windows 7 and ubuntu worked fine until an update issue on Ubuntu which corrupted the OS.

I need to know if I remove the Asus hardware RAID 1 setup, will this affect the working Windows 7 OS.
I cannot preserve the Windows setup either with Clonezilla due to the RAID 1 setup also.
I hope to setup again the RAID 1 once I can install Ubuntu again.

Asus F1A75-V EVO AMD A75 Chipset (Socket FM1) DDR3 Motherboard
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  1. I successfully reinstalled Ubuntu using a Ubuntu live cd (make sure you use 32/64 bit which matches your machine).

    This is important otherwise it will not recognise the existing RAID setup.
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