Cant instal AHCI drivers into XP

Gday guys, Love the website and im finding heaps of info abouts pc's here. Im trying to build an computer so i can learn how it all works and how you set them up but i am stuck trying to install AHCi drivers into win xp. The board im using is a gigabyte vm900m . Ive gone to gigas website and found some drivers but dont know which to pick and secondly 8mb doesnt fit onto a floppy?? So i cant do the f6 install. heres the link. Any help would be appreciated as ive been trying to nut it out for 2 days now.
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  1. ok first off you will need to download this

    and read this

    it s easy to do you just need to take it step by step
  2. ep all is good just downloaded the driver from a different site in zip format and it worked straight away.. Well not AHCI but it says SCSI and RAID controllers and under that it says VIA RAID controller 0591 in the device manager. Um its running RAID 0 and as far as i know its all working good. used HD tune before i went to raid to compare and the wd 200gb byitself had maximum rate of 59mbs and average of about 49. In raid 0 with 2 drives of the same its basically double max of 116mbs and average about 98mbs seek time down 6secs also. So im guessing raid is working as it should . It helps to change bios to raid mode before the os install too.. These old caviers seem pretty slow if you ask me
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