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Hello, I have recently built a computer specifically for gaming. I am running 2 9800gtx + SLI and while playing World of Warcraft I am getting some blue flashing in the background. Some people say it is heat but my bards are only running at 50 C. I have many people in game that say they are using the same setup, but with no problems. Anyone have any idea on what could be causing this problem? Thanks.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Please post your full system specs and also make sure you have the latest VGA drivers installed
  2. AMD Phenom II X4 965 Processor 3.4
    8 GB Kingston HyperX Ram
    WD 1TB 6.0 gb hard drive
    2x 9800 gtx+ video cards
    ANTEC 1000W power supply
    Antec 1200 case w/ added fans
  3. Try using only one card at a time and see if it still happens. I have a feeling it might be something specific to SLI.

    Also, what are you using to monitor the temperature and when are you checking it? Are you using GPU-Z to monitor the card during gameplay? If not, do so, and check the MAX temps reached during a game session in it's "Sensors" tab. Be sure the check the box "Continue refreshing this screen..." prior to starting up WoW. 50C seems rather low for these cards...
  4. So do you have the latest VGA driver installed ?
    Also try using your cards in single mode(take one out and test the other)and see if it performs fine with a single card or not
  5. Each card works fine by itself, no flashing during gameplay. I played for about an hour and temps raised to 65-72C. When I turn on SLI I get the blue flashing. I am not sure what is going on. Hmmmm
  6. What's your drivers version ?
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    I'd contact Blizzard tech support and see if they've encountered the issue. It's quite likely they have, and highly probable they know what causes it.

    Those temps are more of what I expected under load, and are acceptable. It's not a temp-related issue, but it is an SLI one, just as I first suspected. But alas, I have no cure.
  8. is the driver version I have at the moment. I will be contacting blizzard for sure. Thanks for all the help, I will continue to be doing some research on what the problem is because several people I play have the same setup as I do, but are not encountering this problem. Thanks again.
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