Upgrade my stepson's PC

As the title states. I'm going give the rig he currently has to his aunt so she can do some basic web surfing, email, etc. Soooo....I'm looking upgrade some of his components and his case.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Within a month depending on how prices fluctuate BUDGET RANGE: $300-$500 MAX Before / After Rebates


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitor (1280*1024 res. I think it's a Samsung Syncmaster 930b) HDD, CD/DVDROM

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: newegg, tigerdirect

PARTS PREFERENCES: looking for best bang for buck within budget so I'm assuming AMD for cpu and gpu

OVERCLOCKING: most likely not (I might OC it for him in the future, but not till I do mine and it's stable.)


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: It doesn't need bling or necessarily need to be quiet. I'm basically looking for the main parts, mobo, cpu, RAM and gpu. If we can keep the mobo, cpu and RAM right around the $300 mark, I can give my stepson a 5770 (I have xfire 5770s for my rig) at least until he can afford one for himself or i can afford a 5870 for me. TIA.

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  1. $379AR no worries for 1280 x 1024 gaming ^^
  2. Thanks for the quick reply man. Sorry I forgot to mention that he doesn't need a PSU, he has my old 600 ultra. I'm probably going to lean towards giving him my 5770, it'll give me an excuse to buy myself a 5870 pretty soon lol, so I'm thinking maybe an amd quad core like a 955, but I have no idea what are some good mobos for them. I'm thinking if he gets my 5770 he'll most likely want to xfire them so xfire should be at least an option for the mobo. He mostly plays bc2, but older games like C&C zero Hour and also civ iv. Sorry if this messes anyone up.
  3. That Asrock 870 is 8/8 CFable
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