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Can a 450 watt PSU handle a ati radeon 4770 GPU easily.
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  1. a 450 should be fine for a 4770, if you could possible put up a link if you know that model, I could tell you with more certainty
  2. thanks for answer. i dont know the model.

    your system is great.
  3. If you have at least 25A on the 12V rails than you are good. The Amps are written on a sticker on the PSU.
  4. 450W is just enough to run 4770...
    About your PSU, what brand? model?
  5. I run an OCZ psu with my 4770 and a quad core

    never skips a beat very nice psu

    so If you decide to upgrade I reccomend this
  6. The 4770 is borderline as far as needing a power cable anyway. I would say that as long as your PSU has a dedicated PCIE plug, not one you made up from a converter then you are fine.

  7. If the PSU is a Chokemax, it will blow if loaded to 75% of its label (in this case 337.5W). OTOH, a quality PSU like a 380W Antec Earthwatts would have no trouble at all. So, it would indeed help to know the brand and model of your PSU.
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