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860 = 930?

Why would the price of the i7 860 be the same as the i7 930?

I am a bit new to hardware buying, but it would seem to me that the i7 930, which is a far superior(?) processor, should cost more?

At both tigerdirect and newegg they are the same price.

Thank you.
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  1. the 930 is not far superior...
  2. They are basically the same CPU's on different platforms..
  3. The performance is pretty much the same, the main difference is that i7 930 requires X58 chipset whereas 860 requires P55.
    There are 3 main difference between X58 and P55
    1_X58 chipset supports 6-core CPUs
    2_X58 motherboard usually OC better than P55 ones
    3_X58 supports SLI/CF at dual 16x mode,whereas P55 supports them at dual 8x(however the difference isn't much)
    On the other hand,a P55 build requires less power consumption(CPU-wise) and costs less
  4. You can get either one. It all depends on your budget. X58 motherboards are a little bit more expensive and if you are willing to spend the extra cash then it would be better if you go for the i7 930 and the benefits of the X58 boards are already mentioned by Maziar. If the points mentioned there are for you then go for it.
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    I definitly put in for the 930....

    OC better
    1366 better board and newer technology
    essentially as good as all the other i7 series right up to the extreme
    can use the P6X58D motherboard...the best there is out there.

    The 930 is now actually a bit cheaper too....
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  7. jefe323 said:
    the 930 is not far superior...

    Better chipset, thrid channel of memory, greater memory bandwidth via QPI instead of DMI and support for full dual x16 PCIe 2.0.

    I would say thats superior.

    As for the OP, not sure as to the pricing. Intel does what they do. The difference though is a X58 mobo and 6GB of DDR3 vs a P55 mobo and 4GB of DDR3 plus the cost of the former is a bit higher.
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