Help with college build! (1100)

I need help with a new build, going to try out micro-ATX for the new build. An amateur in the area so need help.

Will be used mostly for gaming.

Ordering: June 12th, this Saturday night!

All from Newegg. Have fans, keyboard/mouse, speakers, monitor.

Case: Antec Mini p180: 79.99
PSU: Silverstone 850w: 149.99
GPU: 5770 HAWK 179.99
CPU: AMD 1055T
MB: MSI 890GXM 309.99
CPU Cooling: Corsair H50 79.99
RAM: OCZ B.E DDR3 1600 109.99
HD: WD Black SATA6 99.99
Optical: 22x Samsung 21.99
OS: Win7 Pro. 134.99

Total Price: $1,166
Rebates: $50+$15 gift card

Options: Take out the HAWK and put in a 1090T, use my 5850 videocard from current build. No combo deal (30$ worth)

Also if i could find a replacement with better gaming capabilities from Intel (i5 750, or newer cpu)

Replace Win7 Professional with home premium and save $40

Really the only thing Im worried about is my Lian being able to cool everything, as my exhaust fan will be covered by the H50, and there is no intake fan... Trying to keep it SFF. Future proofing with 850w fully modular PSU, last 700w OCZ crapped out on me last week so I need a quality unit.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Seems overpriced for the kind of frames you'd be chugging out IMO

    $903 with H50 + OS included (Win 7 Home Premium 64)
  2. Air cooling and go for the jugular (HD 5850)?
  3. If you want to stick with the AMD chips(s), I'd recommend at least moving up to a 5800 series graphics card. It may cost a bit more, but I think you'll get more of the performance that you desire.
  4. Thanks for the quick input guys.

    I already have a 5850 that I could stick in, and probably will.

    Would the 5850 fit easily in the NZXT? Its quite a bit smaller then the P180, but does have more fans.

    Also I picked the 850w because it was fully modular and could power another 5850 if needed. The 650w is not modular and that could pose some problems since cooling is the upmost importance with this build considering the size/heat.
  5. 1. Yes it could
    Fits at least 350mm video cards like the ATI 5970

    2. A quality 650-750W could do HD 5850CF with ease actually
    500 Watt or greater power supply with two 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connectors recommended (600 Watt and four 6-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode)
  6. Is there a decent enough combo to replace the 1055T/890GXM? And not go to much overboard with the price...

    And I guess a quality 750w would be satisfactory, I guess i just like the closure of knowing I have enough, and will for awhile.

    Less then a day for building! Thanks ahead of time for suggestions/criticisms.
  7. Well if u mainly game the 720BE would be fine else if u need more HP for multi tasking, etc 955BE?
  8. Would if be beneficial to even go AMD if i5 750 is such a stronger gaming CPU?
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