4870 or 4870x2?

Which one to go for between 4870 or 4870x2 for high end gaming(crysis,gta 4,cod4).i will play at maxx settings but at lower resolution(1280*1024).Does 4870 is sufficient?So does 4870x2 worth that extra cash in my case or i should go for 4870?
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    For 1280x1024 a 4870 suffices and there is no need to go with a 4870X2,but have a look at HD 5770 too,it performs pretty much like 4870 and has newer techs such as DX11,eyefinity and runs cooler and quieter and also has less power consumption
  2. +1 for Maziar.
    Don't look back at old tech, the newer HD5xxx cards are more efficient, less heat, less power consumption, dx.11 ability, and eyefinity.
    For your low resolution, HD5770 is perfect. :)
  3. more like 4890, 5850 or 4870x2 if you find it real cheap? Or 5770 if you play 1680x1050. Its on par with 4870/GTX 260 so it will handle 1080P in games real good but the other ones will do it better.
  4. Really,you all mean 5770 is better choice?I thought 4870 is better except it doesn't have DX11.
  5. 4870 performs better but not much(Especially in your resolution)
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