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I have an ancient Compaq with a Athlon 64 Processor 3400+ on a Asus Salmon motherboard. I'm thinking to just replace the motherboard and processor with an i7 975x and a Gigabyte motherboard. I'm sure that this is 100% naive of me but is that a reasonable approach? It seems like it would be cheaper than springing for a totally new system. Also, I noticed there were some nice systems available on eBay. ( I'm wondering if it would be just as good to buy it on eBay as it would be to build my own - even if it means scrapping my old Presario and starting over.

I selected the processor because I run both video and intense database applications. I would love your thoughts.
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  1. I'd scrap the old presario anyways. Even if you go with a new MOBO/CPU approach, it probably won't fit right, i.e. the ports won't line up. I'd price out a system with the components that you want from newegg and compare that to the ebay system(s). If building your own is cheaper, go with that and vice-versa if a system on ebay is cheaper.
  2. Thanks for that. It would have been unbelievably annoying to try to shoehorn everything into a case that didn't fit until I realized that I needed a one week time out while I waited for a new case.

    Newegg is all over this site. Are they the cheapest? Most reliable?
  3. Thanks for the awesome advise. I got a sweet i7-975x for less than $2K with 24gigs for RAM, 1TB hard drive and a TV tuner with a bonus of $158 bing bucks. Yep - I do mean 24gigs. I appreciate the advise!
  4. :o



    Could you post system specs? (component list)
  5. Mark Heath said:



    Could you post system specs? (component list)

    Here ya go:

    # Core-i7-975EE (B) XE (3.33GHz /1366 MHz) 1 MB L2 + 8 MB shared
    # 24GB DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM [6 x 4 GB]
    # 1 TB (2 x 500) 7200 rpm SATA 3G (3.0 Gb/sec)
    # Lightscribe Super Multi 8X DVDRW w/Double Layer
    # 1GB ATI HD4850 (2 DVI outs and HDMI & VGA adapters)
    # Hauppauge ATSC/NTSC TV tuner card
    # Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n
    # Windows 7 Windows 7 Professional Edition (64-bit)
  6. Graphics is a bit weak, but unless you're gaming it doesn't matter. Nice :D
  7. missym said:

    Newegg is all over this site. Are they the cheapest? Most reliable?

    newegg is the vendor of choice for many of us. May not be cheapest, but in general, they are close. Very reliable, good service, excellent return policy.
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