Upgrading from a Nvidia Geforce 310

I just got confirmation from Dell that replacing my PSU will void my warranty with them. Since that is a big part of why I went with them for a desktop to begin with, I won't be upgrading the PSU...yet. However that leaves me with another problem, the Geforce 310, put simply, sucks. And after looking up my PSU, it seems like it is a brand I never heard of "Chicony"?

Here's a spec sheet I found.,+Information+Technology+Equipment+Including+Electrical+Business+Equipment+-+Component&objid=1073787910&cfgid=1073741824&version=versionless&parent_id=1073787374&sequence=1

Mine is the second on the list. The CPB09 001B. It looks like it has multiple 12V rails. Sorry if I get the terminology wrong, I'm VERY new to this PSU stuff. At first i thought I could just go off of the wattage but I was informed otherwise. Now, if it has multiple 12V rails, do I go off of the highest amp or combine all the amps to get the total?

Simply, do I have a 18.7A limit or a 38.8A limit? If it's the first, then thanks for your help and I will end my search now. If the later, that leaves me with some choices.

Granted, it is a 350w power supply no one has heard of, I read that a 9800 GT can run on a 350 granted it have at least 30 A on the 12V rails. Honestly, i just want something that out performs the Geforce 310 that came with this PC but does not require a PSU upgrade, at least... not until my warranty is up...

Going off of this stickied topic in the PSU boards:

The following cards should work with my PSU, if it's putting out 38.8 amps

Radeon HD 5670 (Redwood) 1GB 128-bit GDDR5

Radeon HD 4670 1GB 128-bit DDR3

GeForce 9800GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3

There are a few more but they are even lower power than these. I know they are not cutting edge but my PC can't do cutting edge right now. Now to the actual reason this topic was born, which of the above cards would be best for me? Here are my specs

Intel i5 570 2.6 GHZ
8 gb DDR3 RAM
1 TB HDD 7200 RPM

I have already mentioned the PSU and graphics card above so they are already thrown into the mix. So guys, what card would be an upgrade over the G310 and work with my odd PSU?? Price range is open.

Thank you for any advice!
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  1. Are you sure it has 350W?
    From what i've seen on your link, your PSU has 600+W max output, correct me if i'm wrong...
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    It may or may not run. If yours is rated at 350W, it may:
    1. able to produce 350W but only for a limited time (for a few seconds or minutes maybe)
    2. not produce 350W at all, and the pc may not boot or just crash.

    Either way, replace the psu. Unless they have a sticker somewhere there, Dell wouldn't be able to tell if you just put the old psu back (before returning).

    350W is not a lot of room to work with, get a decent 500W and your options would pretty much be almost limitless.
  3. Alas, I knew trying this would be futile but it doesn't hurt to try, I guess. First stop, PSU land.
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