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I recently purchased an ATEN VS182 HDMI splitter for my GeForce 9500 GT display adapter. Unfortunately it does not work, that is there is no video output. After some testing I have found that the splitter will not work when the HDMI input is sourced from a DVI converter, which I believe the HDMI o/p of the 9500 is. To confirm this I have also tried it with an inline converter (DVI-HDMI) on another PC, and again no joy. The ATEN website clearly states “It supports all HDMI-enabled equipment”
So my question is; do you think it is fair and reasonable that the supplier should allow me to return it? They have said they won’t refund as it has been opened. It seems a trifle unfair to me.
Just looking for a bit of moral support before going into battle.
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  1. First, here's what's going on. There are TWO different types of signals when dealing with computers:

    1) PC
    2) Video

    PC signals are what you normally send to a monitor, typically from 640x480 @60Hz (or higher than 60Hz) up to 2560x1600.

    Video signals are of the form 480p, 480i, 720p, 1080i or 1080p (where "1080p" means 1920x1080 and Progressive).

    Sony has HDTV's which can take in an HDMI (PC) signal which is an upgrade from DVI (PC). This is of the MONITOR signal format and not to be confused with the above Video signals. For example, when you hook up to a monitor and play a game you have many different resolution options but for Video you have ONLY the option (such as 1920x1080) that you chose.

    It is confusing though. My dad's HP laptop is setup to put a VIDEO signal of 1080p. It's simply going into a normal HDMI (Video) input.

    To be clear, the onboard NVidia 8600M can put out EITHER an HDMI Video or PC signal, but it appears to be only the HDMI (Video) that your splitter can handle.

    I'm assuming you have two 1080p screens. I don't see why you couldn't setup your HDMI output as a 1080p (Video) signal and split that. As far as I know, any graphics card with an HDMI output can put out either format (though sometimes audio passthrough varies; you may need to change the audio source to get working audio).

    - I can't comment on the "fairness" but I can see how it is confusing.
    - You should be able to get this working using HDMI (Video), not HDMI (PC).
    - HDMI (Video) must be one of: 480p/i, 720p or 1080i/p. Typically it's 1080i or 1080p.
    - PC and Video signals are completely different. Typically monitors have just PC inputs, though increasingly some have an HDMI (Video) input to be used like a TV (probably only the 16:9 ratio monitors).
  2. To be clear, if I took my dad's laptop with his HDMI output this is how I'd get things working with a splitter:

    1) Go into the NVidia setup and set it to 1920x1080 as VIDEO
    2) Change the audio source if needed (for his laptop I either send the audio to the laptop speakers or choose the "HDMI" audio which mutes the speakers and sends the sound out on the HDMI cable
    3) Test first without the splitter using a normal HDTV HDMI input (tweak to fit correctly. If I see my desktop, then it's working)
    4) Hook up the splitter (As long as my HDTV shows an image through a normal HDMI (non-PC) input I can use the splitter.
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