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First of all Im really sorry, i posted on the forum asking for the same question like 2 weeks ago and i actually got a build that i liked, i bought it and everything but i had some issues so i had to cancel my order. Now the problem is that some of the stuff in my previous build are not available so i need u guys to help me again.

Im just gonna copy and paste from the

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Hi community

I Need your wise opinions and suggestions on upgrading my P4 3.0ghz 256mb nvidia 5700 LE.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: today, tomorrow, this weekend,


SYSTEM USAGE: Folding@Home, causal gaming want to be able to play most games at low-medium quality, surfing the internet, watching movies and basic CAD.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS, optical, case, no HD




SLI OR CROSSFIRE: No!, no money.

Graphic Card: HDMI plz.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I need a HDMI cable aswell.
i would like a PC to be able to handle BASIC CAD usage, but i also dont have much money at this moment so i would like to spend the less possible.

I want, hopefully, something similar to my last build. Joyfully with a lot of rebates :D
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  1. thank you
    i think im gonna go with the $376 before $35 in rebates, i dont have that much money right now.
  2. all suggestions are welcome
  3. To pare the cost back a bit more you can always do 2GB of RAM now - add more when your budget allows. G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR3 1600 $65
  4. o wait what about the HDMI cable, should i buy it separately or there is some cool combo out there that it comes for free... ?
  5. gosh, ur great... thank you again ! :D very fast
  6. $393 before $30 rebates and that HD 4850 comes with native HDMI
  7. thank so much, i bought it already
    Great Forum !!
  8. Yep enjoy your rig and cheers ^^
  9. I'm actually going to be buying a $400 gaming rig also :), the 2gb of RAM is the best choice for a budget, how's the computer btw?
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