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I have some questions about my SeaGate Barracuda ( ST3250820AS: 7,200 RPM, 250GB, SATA )

When the PC cold boots, the HDD is about 40 degrees Celsius. It's hot to the touch and as the running time increases so does the heat. I've been browsing around Tom's Hardware this morning for about 2 - 3 hours and already it's at 44 degrees celsius. ( 44.43 celsius, almost 44 and a half. )

I tried to get some concrete numbers from the SeaGate website but I was left even more curious LOL.

So basically my question is.. Is my HDD getting too hot?

The machine's currently in a very compact, horizontal case where the Power Supply Unit folds up onto the HDD and so I'm thinking a tonne of heat is being transferred from the PSU to the HDD. Should I take the time/effort/risk to transfer this entire machine into my big and tall PC case or just leave it in this compact, horizontal Workstation case? :|

Sorry for the long-winded post, just wanted to be detailed :)
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  1. How are you measuring/sensing the temperature? What does SMART (eg HD Sentinel, HDDScan) tell you?
  2. Hey fzabkar,

    I got some more information since I originally posted, I've been trying to figure this out on my own.

    I've used HD Sentinal briefly but I'm using Hmonitor now. The highest I've seen using these Monitors is 48 degrees after playing a game. HD Sentinal said the highest was 50 degrees, though.

    I've managed to move the HDD out from underneath the Power Supply. The HDD Temp at computer start is no longer 40 degrees it's 37. Also, after gaming it's around 45 - 46 degrees.

    Also, I'm not sure that I can transfer this machine into my mid-tower case. On my mid-tower case at the back it goes: Power Supply, Mainboard input/output, then expansion slots... With this small form-factor mainboard it's arranged the complete opposite: Expansion slots, mainboard's Input/Output and then the funny-shaped Power-Supply. I figure I could put the mainboard into my mid-tower case with a new, full-sized power-supply but then I would still have the problem of the back panel on the mid-tower case, it's in the opposite order as the little mainboard :|

    Thx for any advice you might have! :)
  3. I don't know what your space constraints allow, but you might like to try an add-on HDD cooler.,itp:photo&tbm=isch
  4. Ahh, thanks fzabkar!

    Hrmm these look like they're exactly what I need, however I don't imagine any one of them would fit my ultra-confined case.

    I'm beginning to think my only real options are getting the HDD out of my PC and into an external HDD case.

    Aside from the external idea, I could consider looking for some kind of mid-full sized tower that can take my funny mainboard alignment.

    Everything's not where it's supposed to be on this mainboard (Thanks a lot, HP...) and so it doesn't seem to be able to fit into any mid-sized tower I have (Or have ever come accross... That are all the same layout at the back:)

    (Sorry if my text-diagrams don't work out properly LOL!)

    | Power Supply   |
    | Mainboard I/O  |
    |                    |
    | Expansion I/O  |

    This Ultra Small-Form Factor is setup this way at the back:

    | Power Supply  |  Expansion I/O  |  Mainboard I/O |
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