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So here is the problem, sometimes under the heavy load i can hear crackling noise coming from psu, its XFX 650w version.
After 15-20 sec of crackling circuit breaker on the outlet goes off. Here is the weird thing: this was happening with my previous thermaltake TR2 psu as well. After i switched to XFX psu - thermaltake works fine on other computer. Here is the question, could it be motherboard issue, like power regulator or smth?
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  1. bump here, any thoughts?
  2. try another power point. To trip a circuit breaker you really have to be drawing a lot of power from the wall. a mainboard issue would trip overcurrent protection on the PSU, not the mains power. Sounds like you have too many things running off the 1 mains circuit and your PC under load tips it over the edge. remove any heaters/ac or other devices on the same circuit. Dont use lots of double adaptors/powerboards off the one outlet. If all that fails, you may need to replace the circuit breaker or get your home wiring checked.
  3. Thanks for your reply, just wanted to specify: circuit breaker that goes off is not the one in box on the wall, but small one on the outlet itself, u know this little reset button, i've tried to use other outlet without the breaker and power would not go off (crackling doesn't affect main breakers in the box) but noise is still there, ive also tried different power cord - no result. What makes me uncomfortable is presence of the buzz itself. Nothing except pc plugged in to this outlet.
  4. its just weird that it was doing it with another power supply, suggesting that there is another issue. I would suspect noise in the power in your house. but you also say it only happens under load, and the other PSU works ok in another computer. Its an odd problem. I guess you could try taking your PC to a friends house and try it there to rule out a mains power issue in your house. I just find it hard to beleive it would be an issue with anything on the computer side of the PSU. you could also measure the PSU voltages under load with hardware monitor or something to see if there are any drops.
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