Video controller vga compatible driver for windows xp free download

Apparently there is something wrong with the driver. If it helps, I submit the following information:

There is a yellow mark beside the "Video Controller (VGA Compatible)"
One error message is: "Hardware not installed - cannot find necessary software"
Location is: PCI Bus 1
Driver Files: c\WINDOWS\System32\DRIVERS\cdrom.sys

Provider Microsoft
Date 7/1/2001
Version 5.1.2535.0

The Microsoft site is convoluted, had me jumping through hoops, and useless for Driver Downloads; a huge waste of time. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

As an aside, I am also missing the Driver for: "Lite-on LTN486S" Their site is useless for downloads; I sent them an email and I am hoping for the best.

I found the Driver for: "HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4522B" which I downloaded, but it looks like it needs the "Video Controller (VGA Compatible)".
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  1. You need to go to the computer manufacturer's web site and look for support/downloads for your particular model. There you should find the drivers you need. If not, reply with the maker (Dell, HP, Asus, etc.) and model of your computer.
  2. The VGA error is that your vidoe card or onboard video (whjich ever one you are using), the drivers are not installed.

    The redbook.sys refer to your audio, and the CDrom reference is that you are trying to play an audio CD or possibly watch a dvd movie.

    When you have no video drivers installed, Windows reverts to VGA Safe mode which means that you only have about 16 to 64 mb (for XP) video memory, depending on your motherboard onboard video ram. Check the Display Setttings.

    As already stated by kenrivers, you need to go to the manufacturer website for the motherboard model and download the drivers.
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