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I was looking into getting new memory and my old memory is 2.1 volts and the new memory is 1.8-1.9 volts. The old memory is getting completely replaced. Will this new memory work in my board.
old memory

new memory


thank you
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  1. Although gskill isn't listed on the board qvL, I've had good luck with mine.
  2. Does that mean that it will not work? What is the board qvL? Is there some memory that would work, I need 2 2gb sticks.
  3. Click on "details" on the newegg link for your board. On the right side, click on the "manufacturer's product page" for your board (a direct link). Then select "memory support list" and download it. Gigabyte can't test all brands or models of ram, but the gskill will likely work. The g41 chipset isn't too picky about ram.
  4. Is there any way that I could be sure before I purchase it?
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    No. Unless you find someone using that ram with that board. But like I said, that board chipset isn't picky about ram. My gskill ripjaws runs like a champ on biostar or gigabyte boards. I sometimes use frys electronics for ram purchases; they don't charge a restocking fee if you return it within 15 days for a swap or refund. going to a lower voltage rated ram is a plus; it's actually more likely to work than a 2.1 rated ram. Lower voltage ratings work on more boards.
  6. ok thank you very much
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