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Okay well I need some Thermal compound due to my CPU's temp and was wondering what was the best.. I was looking at Maplin and saw this and was wondering what you guys think of the following?

Also what should I be looking for in Thermal Compound? Like What difference does the conductivity make or the resistance? and the resistance

Does it matter if the heatsink on the CPU's cooler/fan has themal paste and would I need to remove this even if I was just going to apply the thermal compound to the CPU?

I'm totally new to thermal compound and have no idea what to look for as I have no understanding of the termonology so I'd like a little help if you guys don't mind :D
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  1. Hi and welcome to the forums,

    firstly the links you posted just go to the home page for maplin - but this is no big problem.

    Thermal compounds do vary, but there are a couple of brands that most people trust the most.

    Arctic Silver 5 - performs very well, but the compound does have a period of time before it reaches is best performance - around 100 hours of use.

    MX2 / MX3 are just as good and do not require a wearing in time like the AS5... also they are non conductive so if you do accidentally have the compound come into contact with electrical contacts it wont produce a short.

    I would always recomend either of the above... and prices from ebuyer are very good too
  2. I like AS% but I also like IC Diamond 24. SO far both perform great and in the test done here on THG, IC Diamond would normally beat AS5 as well as beat AS MX-2 by about 1c.
  3. I would go for the IC Diamond
  4. Yes, you have to remove ALL the old thermal compound before you put on the new, on both the CPU and the Heatsink. Most people use Isopropyl Alcohol an a lint-free cloth. then follow the installation instructions supplied with the new compound.
  5. I've just sorted out my system and thought I should just post an update ^_^ I now have a nice cool CPU

    Before I was reaching 70-80 Celsius even in the BIOS and an idle temperature of 60-70 and assumed it was cause I didn't apply any thermal cooling so I went out and bought some, removed the CPU cooler and noticed the stock thermal compound I removed it and applied the new one but it only knocked off about 3-5 degrees, So I bought a new a CPU cooler and now I'm at an idle temp of 35-38 Celsius (:D) and haven't gone above 45C in an MMO highest quality settings with things running in the background as well!

    So far I have yet to see the CPU's temp reach anything above 45C so I'm happy :D
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