4870 vs 5850 - power consumption

Do these two cards have similar power consumptions?
Looking to upgrade my GPU, just hoping i'm not going to have to upgrade my PSU at the same time.
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  1. So, what is your current PSU? brand? model?
  2. You should be fine upgrading to a 5850 as long as you have 2 12v rails that have at least 16a. A decent 500W should suffice as long as you don't overclock too much, or have too may case fans.
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    The 5850 uses about as much power. As long as you have a good quality PSU with enough amps you should be fine. If you were stressing it with your 4870, then it may have a shorter life than you think regardless if you stay with your current card or drop in the 5850.
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  5. The HD5850 actually uses slightly less power than even the HD4850 and a great deal less than the HD4870;
  6. i ended up going with the 5870 instead, + my PSU is fine :)
  7. \^_^/ yay for a 5870. As you can tell from my sig I'm powering mine with a FSP 500W Blue Storm II. Happy gaming.
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