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Process of removing bios password from dell latitude e5400 dell laptop

i forgotten my dell latitude e5400 bios password, now what can i do? it is now out of weranty , and i have lost my service tag no, and the bill or document now what can i do
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  1. Easy way is u have to disable all part of you laptop then Find the Chip set AT24C16B soldering out from board then turn on or U may need to buy new one and re soldering on your main board.
    This chip-set in All dell motherboard, its function to save few digit of words which related to bios support. Good luck
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    The only way we can recommend is to go to the manufacturer with a proof of owner ship!
    From forum rules Do nots "Ask for help pirating, cracking passwords, or bypassing copyright protection"
  3. Sorry, Tom's Hardware forum doesn't provide any guide to bypass password protection.

    We cannot verify if you are the legit owner.

    Thanks for your understanding.
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