Help with Media Center / Home Theater PC build, Steampunk!


I am looking into building a new system and I would appreciate some input. I would like to keep it a fairly thrifty build. Let's say around $500. Cheaper is better!

I would prefer to order from Newegg or Tiger Direct


-Streaming and storage of media through my home network and via Netflix.
-Connected to my HDTV and 5.1 Surround Sound system (optical audio preferred).
-DVD/Blu Ray player.
-Game emulator (NES - PS1)
-Possible DVR use. I will either be using DirecTV or Comcast as my TV provider.
-Web browsing.

COMPONENTS: (I would prefer it to be as silent as can be)

OS - I have a copy of Win 7 I can use. Interested to see if anyone has any ideas for Linux build. Do emulators run okay in WINE?

Case - I have my heart set on this at the moment. Note that I can use ATX mobos

GPU - quiet and capable of what I am looking to do. fanless if I am not sacrificing too much in performance.

CPU - AMD...

Mobo - no preference, but compatible with a AMD CPU, decent on-board sound.

RAM - 2 to 4G DDR2 or DDR3, just looking for the better price point as 2 gigs of either should run the system fine but 4 gigs is fine too!

TV Tuner: ???

HHD - one 1-2TB, one SSD for OS and games (if within budget)

PSU - powerful enough but not overkill and energy efficient

Media Drive : DVD/Blu Ray combo, doesn't sound like jet engine when spinning up

Some kind of wireless controller (mouse/keyboard combo?) Mouse is more important, I can use a cheap keyboard as needed) Will use PS3 / 360 controllers for games.

I will buy fans later if find the stock ones in the case to be too noisy or if heat becomes an issue.

Reliability is a big factor as I think this will be meeting my needs for years to come.

I may end up recycling some parts from my current 3 year old desktop.

Thanks in advance! Cheers!
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  1. $404AR, add a Blu Ray drive in
  2. Thanks! Combo deals seem to be the way to go. Wish I would have looked into this more on past builds.
  3. by the way nice find on the case it really is pretty sweet
  4. Yeah, I really dig it. I need to get the money scratched up for it quick, I would be bummed if it sold out.
  5. Love the case too :P Happy shopping/building and u are welcomed ^^
  6. Any thoughts on a TV tuners?
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