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Hi Ive been using this software for two days solid now after deleted by accident a partition off my wd element 2tb hard drive during a windows installation. It has found four partitions and the one starting at 0 on the found list seems to date in the info section as around the time i 1st used it.

I'm trying to now after 30 odd hours of scanning recover the partition but when i click recover it loads and allows me to select a drive letter then i get this message "Device Type is not supported
Disk has no MBR, or Sector Size is invalid, or Media Type is not
supported (CD-ROM, Floppy, Remote, etc).
"Supported only Fixed and Removable disk media types"

I really need some help here as its getting beyond me now how to sort this, i cant even accept defeat and just use the hard drive and loose all my media as windows wont read the drive and up to now the only way i know its there is through partition software it doesn't show in my computer.

If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hi thanks for replying Ive tried that thread before posting the other day and a few others. Tried testdisk and remo and a few others none will recover the partition, active says they're all bad so Ive given up on the idea. I just want to access the drive so i can format it and start again with my files but windows wont allow me to access it, it shows in partition magic as yellow and bad there must be a way of doing it. It was in perfect working order until i did this. The drive carried the instillation information on it reformatted but i can't even get windows to recognise it in the 1st place. I just want to start over since Monday Ive been at this.
  2. If u want to access ur drive just to reformat it, use a bootable linux disk . Run setup and proceed to the stage where u r given option to create new partitions. At this stage just delete the old existing partition. exit setup and pop in ur windows disk.
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