Thermaltake V4 BE or Cooler Master Elite 370 ??

I been thinking about this two case...
Does these two case have cable management and good airflow?
Overall which is better...
Plss help me.. :bounce: :bounce:
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  1. I did not use the Tt case before but I just bought a CM 370, must tell you that I am very satisfied with this case. The airflow is excellent and it keeps my com cool and quiet with only 1 fan that came with the case, though this could be a downside to some people.
    Build quality is ok and not so flimsy. So I would recommend this case for sure.
    This case doesnt really have much cable management but because the PSU is located at the bottom, you can just coil the extra wire at the bottom, which doesnt really block air flow.
    From what I see, the Tt has similar air flow design, so if you dont mind the a thinner cover plate, I guess Tt could be a good choice too.
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