Accessing a Passworded HD via USB Caddy

Hi all,

My laptop decided to short out yesterday, leaving it as a giant paperweight. I am unable to boot it/power up or create any sort of circuit through it (I've tried everything in relation to this problem).

The issue I am having is that my hard drive has a password on it. Back when the laptop worked, the first thing the system did after POST was ask for a password to access the hard disk. Now, since the system won't turn on at all, I need to access this drive another way. I tried connecting it to my PC through a SATA/USB caddy, only to have it not show up under My Computer. I went through Computer Management (using WinXP) only to have it not show up under Disk Management as well... yet the HD shows up under Device Manager.

Is there any way for me to access the old drive?
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    Cant do it via usb, you will have to hook it to a motherboard direct.
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