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I have a core i7, win 7 64 bit w/8 gigs of ram/expandable to 12. it is running a geforce gtx 260 video card w/two monitors connected. I want to add an additional dvi out card so I can push video to an external plasma monitor. I haven't worked w/video for awhile, but Im getting back into it, so I'm a little rusty on the ins and outs.
(for what its worth, I'm thinking of going w/either premier cs5 or vegas video latest release, unless there are other suggestions...

I am wondering what kind of dvi card would be most suited for my system? If more info is needed I can provide what I know.

Thanks in advance,

cat rol
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  1. Sorry if it's been a while..

    so you want to add another monitor using another dvi port?
  2. Hi again
    Yes, - I have a plasma tv I'd like to connect via dvi, but I don't have a dvi out on my computer. I'd like to get some advice on a good dvi card if I can.
  3. I'm pretty sure there's converters or something out there. What're your current output(s)?
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