Logitech G51 with wrong sound card? Help please

Im about to buy a Logitech G51 5.1 Surround sound system, the problem is if I should buy that system as in some reviews they say its great and in some they say its mediocre, its kinda in the sweet spot of my budget... and I currently own an MSI Trinergy mobo thta INCLUDED as an accesory a Quantum Wave Sound Card that supports 5.1 and I wanted to ask you guys if I should stick with this sound card or if I should buy another one thats of better quality, here are de details:

MSI reckons Quantum Wave is the world's first stand-alone soundcard to support both THX TruStudio PC and Creative's EAX Advanced HD 5.0, and it's clearly touting the card's ability as a key selling point. Here, in MSI's own words, is what to expect from Quantum Wave:

* EAX Advanced HD delivers double the voice count, so you get more detail and speed in your games. It also adds a dedicated bass feed for each of the 128 simultaneous voices, so gaming audio becomes more cinematic.
* EAX Voice allows you to literally become part of the game! Using a microphone connected to an EAX Advanced HD 5.0 compliant audio device in any game title, you can speak and hear your voice with the same effects as the environment your character is in. Furthermore if the game supports 3D Voice Over IP then other players in the game will be able to hear your voice as you do and coming from the correct direction!
* EAX PurePath - Truly Cinematic Gaming Audio! The function of EAX PurePath is to improve the LFE (Low Frequency Enhancement). The game developer can have higher flexibility to control low-pitched sound in a game.
* Environment FlexiFX - Xtreme Gaming Audio! The completely re-designed effect engine gives developers total freedom to use any of four simultaneous effects with any of the 128 voices.
* EACH MacroFX - Getting You Closer To Your Gaming Audio! The feature allows EAX Advanced HD to simulate sounds passing very close to you! Someone whispering to your ear, a bullet flying a couple inches by your head and so on.
* Environment Occlusion - OK, The Bad Guys Are Outside! The previous version called occlusion only delivers basic sound effect occluded by the direct sound, but not the environmental reverb associated with that sound. Environment Occlusion improves the realism by allowing the reverb effect itself as well as the direct sound to be muffled due to occluding objects. So you get the best simulation of real-world audio ever achieved.
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  1. My friend's son bought those speakers and imo they're not very good.
    I've heard many Logitech speaker kits X-540,Z-2300,Z-5400,Z-5500 and the G-51's come nowhere near the others.
    There's a reason they no longer make them i would stay away.
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    A third party Creative brand soundcard...yep, time for a new model. :D

    Seriously, it will do its job, but its simply outclassed by other manufacturers models (ASUS, HT Omega, and Auzentech), especially since EAX is (and has been for a year or so) a dead spec.

    My mid-end recommendations remain the same as always: ASUS Xonar D1/DX and HT Omega Striker, both around $80 or so. My low-end recommendation remains the ASUS Xonar DS for around $45-$50.
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