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Hi, I'm not trying to restart a debate around the GTX 4XX Cards.

I'm currently building a new computer. The only part left to decide is which video card to buy. My choice is between the ATI Radeon 5850 and the Nvidia GTX 470.

So far so good I read review of both card, and their performance are good compared to the price they sell for. Since the GTX 470 seems to be a bit better than the 5850, I would like to buy this one so it might last longer in the run. But many review made me afraid about the Heat and noise made by the card. (The power required bother me less).

So I'd like to get the opinion of people who currently own a GTX 470. Are you satisfied, is the noise very bad, is it heating as much as people say, would you still buy it now that you tried it. I don't plan to put water cooling, so if you have a water cooling system, please say so I can know. If you had a 5850 before and switched to a 470 (If anyone did it...) that would be better.

Like anyone didn't know the pros and cons.... here's mines ;). Also I'd like to know if the performance of the 470 Improved with latest drivers updates (if there was nay) since it's launch. I saw the 4XX discussion post, the but the stuff is 1-2 month old, so I'm just checking.

Better perfomance than the 5850
Better scalability over time

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  1. If noise and heat is your only worry then why not just get one with a non reference cooler on?
  2. What is a non reference cooler?
  3. One with a cooler that looks different than the first released cards (see the reviews from release day). Usually these coolers are better.
  4. But with the original cooler for those who have it, is it good, bad, heating too much?
  5. I thought it was at least decent, but I don't have one.
  6. On a proce performance basis (dollars per frame, the two cards are virtually identical. The first thing you have to look at here is "Do you have adequate case cooling and power for the difference between the 470 and 5850 ? If you do, and your interest is mainly the future (read DX11) I'd go 470 .... if you have a small PSU and small case, the 5850 has a distinct advantage.

    Not much in the way for reviews as everyone jumped on the 480....but here's some sources for comparisons:
    480 provides 13% increase in average fps and 19% increase in min fps with 19% increase in price over 5870
    470 provides 10% increase in average fps and 15% increase in min fps with 15% increase in price over 5850

    With an SRP of $349 backed up by some great performance increases over the HD 5850, we believe the GTX 470 has set itself up to be the new price / performance leader in the current market.

    If you’re looking only at the graphs and the numbers then, probably, the answer is yes. The GeForce GTX 480 outperforms the Radeon HD 5870 in the majority of tests. The same applies in the GTX 470 vs. HD 5850 match…hell in some cases the GTX 470 even leaves the Radeon HD 5870 in the dust. So it seems that, judging strictly by the number of FPS that each card obtained, Nvidia has a winner.

    Things are a bit different when you’re looking at the Just Cause 2 Benchmark. At least on lower resolutions you can use the additional power that the GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470 have, in order to activate the CUDA-specific settings. With these settings activated, the performance of the cards will be in the vicinity of what the HD 5870 and HD 5850 are getting, but the game will look considerably better. So, there you have it, a DirectX 10 game for which the test results are actually translating into a better game experience, visually speaking.

    If you’re going to want to experience Metro 2033 like the developers intended you to then, clearly, you only have one choice: get a GeForce GTX 480 or a GTX 470. This game really shines when played on a Fermi based GPU.

    If you come across more references, please advise.
  7. I lvoe my GTX 470. With the fan on auto, Ive never seen it go above 82C with the fan at 55%. This is with a 100mhz OC. Absolutely tears through games, even with AA and AF on.
  8. Forgot to add I can never hear the card over my fans in the Antec 900 on low.
  9. I've had one for about 2 weeks now, & I cant complain. It idles at about the same temp as my old GTX 260 did, but it does get slightly warmer at load, but well within safe operating temps. The performance compared to the 260 is mind blowing. Also, as far as power draw goes, let me just say that the reviews & opinions do not reflect the actual facts on the 470. I am running:
    AMD Phenom II 965
    GTX 470
    8GB OCZ Reaper HPC PC28500 DDR2 (@800Mhz)
    OCZ Memory cooler with 2x 60mm fans
    2x SATA HDDs
    1x ATA HDD
    All on an ASUS M3N72-D mobo
    In an ANTEC 1200 with 2x extra fans

    This is all powered by a 650w Hec X power Pro PSU with 52 amps over 2 +12v rails.

    My point dont need a monster PSU to run the 470, just make sure you're within the minimum requirements on the vendor website & you're golden.

    Hope this helps :-)
  10. Great thank, I ordered it already so I'll know Tuesday (Received all my other items but not the GPU, grrr)

    And I buyed a TX850 PSU. I plan to put two GTX470 at some point :)
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