Dual xeon power risks

Hi all,

I am in the process of putting together a dual socket Xeon workstation using:

- 2x E5620 cpus
- SuperO X8DTi-LN4F mobo
- SuperO SC733T-645 chassis (PSU rated at 645 W)
- 12x4GB Crucial 1033 DDR3

and a bunch of other things including a LSI MegaRAID controller card, ATI graphics card, 4 SATA disks, cpu coolers, DVD, etc.

Anyway, I get to the point where I have to start plugging in the power supply cables into the various bits when to my chagrin I discover that the board needs 2x8pin EPS12V connectors. Unfortunately, the built-in power-supply only provides 1 x8 pin and 1 x 4pin 12V supply.

I have found a converter online (http://www.misco.co.uk/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=399344&CatId=44) that combines a 4 pin 12V and a normal 4PL Molex into an 8 pin EPS12V. However, the mobo manual explicitly states that only a power supply with 2 x 8pin EPS12V connectors is to be used with the board and threatens that doing otherwise will damage the board and void the warranty.

So I have two options:
1. Ignore the dire warnings and try the converter anyway (couple of bucks). If the board blows, that's ~$400 down the tube.
2. Buy a new power supply with 2x8pin EPS12V (~$150) and pray it fits the rather odd mountings in the SC733T chassis.
3. Put the SC733T chassis in storage and order a new SuperO chassis that is certified to work with the latest generation dual socket Xeon platforms (~$350).

1 is the quickest and cheapest solution, but could be the most expensive if it goes wrong. Does anyone have any experience of using one of these converter kits to make a EPS12V for a dual socket platform of this kind? Why would a slight variation in supply wiring resistance between the standard and adapted 8pin cause damage to the mobo?

I have scoured google, but no luck so far. Calling the supplier or manufacturer is useless since they will only repeat what's in the manual. You guys are my last hope! Thanks,
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  1. Are you working with a vendor that has exceptionally tight RMA procedures?

    If not then I'd say give the molex adapter a shot and if it blows the board then, <pfft> unplug it and submit RMA as DOA.

    Perhaps that's me being less than honest, but I have no love loss or sympathy for retailers. They've typically got no problem sticking it to us when the chance occurs.
  2. Yeah, I ordered the 4PL+4P12V=8pinEPS12V converter. If I don't find convincing arguments to the contrary, I will give it a shot on Tuesday. Really, I cant think of any reason why this should be dangerous to the motherboard and if it turns out there is a critical issue, then IMO the manufacturer should have provided more detailed information on what the dangers are instead of just putting up a "no-entry" sign.
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