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Hello, I have two wd 3GB hdd and 2 120GB OCZ drives. I want to setup the hard drives as a raid 1 and have the OCZ drives as their cache. Can I do this with HyperDuo Plus technology? If so, please advise me how to do this?
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  1. It is possible, but not advisable, and here's why.
    You can create two HyperDuo virtual hybrid drives on a single Marvell 88SE9230 chipset like the SI-PEX40057. Each path running at a max 500MBps.
    Next, you would need to create a mirrored volume for your RAID1; but, this can't be done by the controller, since the controller is managing your HyberDuo configuration, thus would only be doable through the OS in a software-RAID.
    This is probably not the best idea.
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