"$1000 gaming PC/ WCG/ Video Editing Rig ASAP"



SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: WCG, Video Editing, gaming, surfing the internet and watching movies

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Speakers or OS


PARTS PREFERENCES: None Would love to build it in the smallest case possible.


MONITOR RESOLUTION: 3x Asus 26inch LCD at 1920x1200 each

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Very important - Must be a very quality case as little plastic as possible!!! I would like the temps as cool possible, Parts must match as close as possible in color, Must have 90 degree sata and look good when assembled ( I would like this build to be small, look good and and do what i need it to do well)

I can do custom work if needed. ;)

Thanks in advance for all your help!!! :bounce:
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  1. i3-540 - Lian Li PC-A06FB Combo 209.98
    This is an odd combo. Typically I'd recommend an i5-750 here, but a 1k budget and the need for graphic power to push your 3x monitors requires us to drop to the i3. The 540 will still overclock to the 4.0 range required to prevent bottlenecks, but it isn't going to be the all around performer of an i7 or even the i5. The Lian Li is all Aluminum, compact case.

    GIGABYTE GA-P55M-UD4 139.99
    Again, not a typical recommendation. Here I usually suggest the ASUS P7P55D-E Pro. But this is $40.00 more we can shove towards your gpu. This is a solid board that supports x8/x8 and good overclocking options. No SATA/USB 3.

    G.Skill 2x2GB DDR3 1333 RAM 94.99
    Would love some 7-7-7-18's here, but budget is goal and benchmarks show RAM is RAM is RAM. G.Skill has made a name for itself in the past few years for having quality goods.

    CM 212+ 29.99
    Best Value cooler on the market. Newegg recently jacked the price up to 59.99 but it can still be found for 29.99

    Samsung F3 500GB 54.99
    500GB platter harddrive. This or Seagate 7200.12. Both are priced equally. Great value for drives that currently outpace everything else on the HDD market.

    XFX 5870 + XFX 650w PSU 444.98
    Not a huge fan of XFX psus, but again this is a build of comprises. 5870 is going to give you the horsepower you'll need to push those 3x monitors.

    LG DVD+RW 19.99

    VGA>Displayport Adapter 24.99
    Required to run 3rd non-dp monitor through eyefinity.

    Total: 1014.90

    You can drop to a 5850 and save roughly $100, but honestly trying to push 1920x1200x3 you really need at least a 5870. I'm pushing 1680x1050x3 and there are still times when I have to scale back settings.

    Also you might want to check to ensure that case will fit the 5870. I tried to find out but had a tough time getting dimensions. It's an odd case.
  2. First off thanks for the quick response and the time you put in. One question will the CM 212 fit with the power supply placement on that case? I will try to look into this as well. If not what is a good alternative to the CM 212 that would fit? Thanks
  3. The case offers an extend able psu cage. Like I said, it's weird. From the sounds of it it should fit with the cage extended. I'm not aware of any good hsf coolers that aren't these new tower designs. Maybe something like the Corsair H50, but it's expensive and offers its own challenges in a smaller case.

    It might be worthwhile to investigate a case that's going to offer a little more room, maybe have a steel chassis with minimal plastic parts. It's a challenging request based on budget reasons.

    Here's the product page that shows the cage:

    At the end of the day it might be a more viable alternative to adopt an AMD build. That's outside my realm of knowledge, but once daylight breaks you can rest assured that the calvary will offer up some ideas.
  4. Any ideas for a really nice AMD setup? I would like to stay with the 5870 that was suggested but maybe with a reference design cooler. I was also looking at the PC -V352.
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