Homemade computer heat exchanger

Hey Guys

My PC works very slow, then I asked from my friend for a remedy for this.. Then he said me a water cooling system to my computer will help in a way. So I surf through internet to buy one. Then I realized its not affordable for me.Then I decided to make my OWN (thats my hobby)

But Making the heat exchanger is somewhat difficult to me..

So Its very great full if some of you can tell me an easy way to make a nice water cooling system.

If you have any links to video tutorials regarding this, please be kind enough to share it.

Thank You.

And I'm expecting good reply.
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  1. You pc is slow, so it's heat.. What are your tempatures. I'm not saying heat couldn't be an issue be it could, but it's also one of the easiest things to check.

    Unless your oc'n there is no reason you would need water other then looks.
  2. my CPU temp is about 40.... I like to see my PC working smoothly.....
    And I have a desire to make my own water cooling system.

    I hope you know, how one can feel when he is using a gadget made by his own hands
  3. 40 on idle or 40 on full load? if its idle its fine, if its on loads its great :)

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