$900-$1100 budget gaming computer


I'm looking to buy a decent gaming computer on a 900 - 1100 dollar (AUD) budget. I don't really know much about computers and need some help in picking parts. I don't have any parts exept a keyboard and mouse.

I'm after at least a 1gb graphics (of some kind), 2-4 gb ram and 19 inch screen

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Thanks enormosly! :D
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  1. Hi,

    You're best to check out msy.com.au - hopefully there is a store nearest to you as they are pretty much always the cheapest on any PC parts (atleast for me in melbourne).

    Id suggest:

    AMD x4 955 (CPU) 183$
    Coolermaster 212+ (CPU Cooler) 39$
    4gb GSkill Ripjaw 1600mhz (RAM) 145$
    Asus M4A79xtd-evo (Motherboard) 131$
    Powercolor 1Tb 5770 (Graphics Card) 171$
    Seagate 1tb 7200.12 (Hard Drive) 85$
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit (OS) 112$
    Corsair TX650 (Power Supply) 119$
    Antec 300 (Case) 66$
    LiteOn Sata (DVD-RW) 26$
    21.5” 2ms DVI LG 2253TQ-PF (Screen) 185$

    Total 1262$

    Sorry this is alittle over your budget - but in my opinion this is the minimum you should be spending for a decent pc (gaming) with ability for good upgradability and longevity.

    Otherwise you could knock the hard drive space down, skip on the cpu cooler, get a weaker power supply, worse screen etc. which would cut this price down 125$ or so and would sacrifice alot of the enjoyment and potential from the machine.

    If you're not intending to game then the above could be altered and cut down to 1000$ or so.


  2. The above sounds good to me. (not sure about mobo - bad at amd builds) You should be able to skip the cpu cooler if you're not overclocking. I'd also switch the graphics brand to HIS, since I've heard some bad things about powercolor - but I haven't had any experience with them so I don't know how good they are. The HIS is the same price. Also, if you don't plan to overclock anything then you can probably go down to the Corsair VX-550.

    MSY's great for their price and they have stores everywhere, it's just that their customer service isn't oto good and their website.. could be improved.
  3. bah just read *gaming* in your post lol ^ the above for sure then.

    Again i know it's over your budget - but given the time and effort that's required to build a machine the 10% extra cost in this case is certainly justified for the quality of parts.
  4. I agree with Mark - MSY's service is definately rubbish - don't be surpised if you spend awhile in line and probably end up with 'sorry........no stock!' as your answer for some of the more popular items if you just walk in. They also rarely answer their phones so shoot them an email with the parts you want to place an order in advance to gaurentee stock. Unfortunately shopping elsewhere usually results in +5-10% cost or more.

    In regards to the Powercolor GPU I can vouch for it in regards to the 5770, as i've recently put one in my little bros PC. (after returning both a faulty asus and gigabyte) HIS would also be fine.

    The mobo has good feedback on newegg which is generally a good indicator, and it has the possibility for 8x/8x crossfire as the 5770s are great in crossfire if he catches the upgrade bug in the future! Hence the tx650. Vx550 is good also but 14$ cheaper so not really worth it.

    Mark is also right that the cpu cooler is not essential - but it's price is very likely to rise in the future (it has on newegg) and is great for its price. Much quieter than stock and a good performer. (Overclocking is addictive also)
  5. MSY prices are also fluctuating around as of late. I've also failed thus far in getting a reply by email from a few different stores. Let me know which store replies ;) (no seriously, I need to check some component models before my build)

    Yeh, 650 (current pricing) is definitely worth $14

    (Overclocking is addictive also)

  6. I recently got a reply from the Clayton store - saying 'sowweeee - no stock!' I swear i've heard that a dozen times.

    Took my g/f with me last time and she burst out laughing when she heard the little guy at the Malvern store say it - cause she thought I was just being dramatic.

    Also, on a Monday afternoon - the Malvern Store not only answered my call but put a x4 965 on hold for me for a few hours!


    Centrecom.com.au seem to have some pretty decent prices on a few items also if you havn't tried them
  7. what components by the way?
  8. What do you mean by the amd x4 955? also to cut prices down i'm thinking of changng the 21.5 screen to a 19 inch and cutting the 1Tb to either 500- 750 gb hard drive. Since i live in brisbane i don't know where any msy shops are but i was thinking of umart of computer allience


  9. i don't really know much about brands ect so most of this is like spanish to me (or some other complex launguage)
  10. Get an Athlon X3, 500GB drive, but as bigger monitor as you can. The internals will only alter the speed around 10%, but you constantly see the benfits of a bigger monitor.
  11. I guess the Athlon X3 would be okay to use. Should save you a bit too. If you really have to go into the budget and no higher then that's what I'd go for.

    hmm.. the store's close enough. I'll try em. Any experience with the box hill store?
    2 systems I'm doing:
    Gaming build: http://tinyurl.com/my-gaming-build-01
    Dad's non-gaming system: http://tinyurl.com/dad-s-nongaming-sys
  12. is this an alright system
    i found it on the coputer allience website for 1200 but if i buy parts and make small cutbacks (i.e screen and harddrive) i could have enough if i build it myself

    Intel S775 Core 2 Duo E7600 3.06GHz CPU
    ASUS S775 P5G41T-M LX Motherboard
    2 x DDR3 2GB Generic 1333MHz RAM
    Internal All-in-1 Memory Card Reader Black
    1TB Seagate 7200rpm 32M Serial ATA HDD
    Gigabyte GT240 1GB PCIe Video Card
    21.5" BenQ G2222HDL LED LCD Monitor
    CoolerMaster Centurion 5 Mid ATX Case
    Microsoft Wired Desktop 600 Keyboard and Mouse
    LiteOn 24x DVD Writer SATA Black
    Integrated Sound Card
    Logitech LS21 Speakers
    Integrated Gigabit Network Connection
    MS Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit OEM
    Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition Installer
  13. Josh, the system i put together is MUCH better than that - ill try to put a cut back version together for you but once again I stick by my original build.

    It's worth spending the extra time to save up the 100$ or so to build a much better and more enjoyable machine. - Revised build incoming though.

    As for the AMD x4 955 its a 3.2ghz Quad Core processor.
  14. AMD x4 945 (CPU) 163$
    4gb GSkill Ripjaw 1333mhz (RAM) 139$
    Asus M4A87TD-USB3 (Motherboard) 119$
    Powercolor (or HIS) 1Tb 5770 (Graphics Card) 171$
    Seagate 500gb 7200.12 (Hard Drive) 55$
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit (OS) 112$
    Antec Earthwatts 650w (Power Supply) $103
    Antec 300 (Case) 66$
    LiteOn Sata (DVD-RW) 26$
    20” 2ms DVI LG W2053TQ-PF (Screen) 159$

    Total 1113$.

    The PC you suggested has a Core 2 Duo which is old technology and is really not up to scratch for a new pc. The run on old out of date motherboards and that build also has generic rubbish ram. 32Bit versions of Windows should also be avoided at all costs. Also the GT240 graphics card is rubbish too.

    I still recommend the PC I originally submitted - however this is your other option if the 150$ saving is a bit deal. The athlon x3 would also be fine instead of an x4 945, however MSY don't stock them though. I know you said umart and computer alliance - but looking at their prices quickly they are quite overpriced.

    Try to hunt down prices comparable to what i've posted.


  15. +1 for nerdbox's builds. 2nd if you really can't spend the extra $150. If you're in aussie remember tax refund thingie includes computers if it's used right and you're eligible. Thought it'd be worth the suggestion cos I don't know whether you'd be eligible or not.

    happy building + gaming :D
  16. yo Mark dude just typed up a huge reply to your pc build thread and my pc crashed! (guess my 4.0ghz x4 965 @ stock voltage wasnt as stable as 8hrs of Prime95 small ffts has mislead me to think it was! - doh)

    Will retype it now!
  17. I sure will mate
    Thanks for all the help guys i really appreciate it

  18. JUst quickly whats the dfference between the 945 and 955 cpus?
  19. What about a wirless network card, sound card and usb conections?
  20. Quote:
    yo Mark dude just typed up a huge reply to your pc build thread and my pc crashed! (guess my 4.0ghz x4 965 @ stock voltage wasnt as stable as 8hrs of Prime95 small ffts has mislead me to think it was! - doh)

    Will retype it now!


    sound card that's onboard the motherboard is good enough unless you're getting speakers that are really good. What do you mean by usb connections?

    945 has a locked multiplier, 955 has an unlocked multiplier and slightly higher stock speed (multiplier is one of the factors that determines the speed of the chip). I'm not sure what the other differences are.
  21. I mean a usb port sorry or are those built into the case? ALso what about a wireless card?
  22. There will be 2-4 usb ports on the front or front/top of the case, depending on which case you use. The mobo also has usb ports which go to the back of the case. If you get a mobo with USB 3, then there'll be 2 USB 3 ports at the back (depends on your mobo though) and the rest'll be USB 2.

    I'm not sure about wireless cards.. never used one b4 and I don't know any good ones.. sorry
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