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Hello. Regard me as a novice as I put forward my query. I'm working on a numerical computational research project which involves long C/Fortran and RELAP(if you aren't familiar with the later, do ignore it) codes to be run. For this I need to buy a dedicated server (Windows(preferably)/Linux based).
My budget is 2.5 lac INR or under around 5.5k USD. I'm looking for a hi end PC for this purpose, whilst I'm not sure about the configurations I should settle with be it the processor or RAM in general. My requirement is computational aspects from the system, and that it's rather branded than an assembled one.
I hope I've put my query on a clear platform. Can somebody help me out in figuring the configs. based on my needs, budget, and available vendor specs if possible. Couldn't thabnk you enough for the help.
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  1. I would look at a dual cpu 1366 xeon board using ecc registered ddr3. The other alternative is one of the new 12 core amd cpus with board, which can run $1500 plus ram. Don't know your vender or your program specs, so I really can't advise which is better for you.
  2. Thanks for the insight. The vendors we have around here to trust are mainly IBM and HP among others. What do you think of the core 2 quad in this budget for a high end PC, which could also be a workstation if the conditions fit in. Hoping for some more help. Thanks.
  3. Core 2 is getting near its EOL its older tech and not advised to build a new Core 2 system.

    I would say a single I7 980x or a Xeon X5670 I think with the six core chips you can get away with a single processor config. Make sure that whatever setup you do decide get the higher frequency chip since you will need raw processing power per core more then efficiency.
  4. @SAAIELLO. Thanks a lot. Given I'm new to this field,please correct me if I'm wrong, that you- in my place - would prefer a single processor instead of a multi core one since I'd probably need processing accuracy more than multi tasking, or is it other way round; although its a given that running a long numerical code is about processor speed.

    Just one and more generic doubt. For such a purpose I wouldn't go for microcomputers, but something below that. Among different kinds of servers viz. Blade, rack, workstation etc. what do I consider appropriate for a computational server? Pardon my ignorance, and please guide me up. Thanks.
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    Dual xeon 1366 boards with ecc registered ram are good for accuracy and give you multiple cores. supermicro and Tyan boards are what you should check out. Newegg has a pretty good selection. Servers direct has an even better selection. Pay special attention to the ram recommendations. I bought some server ram recently by mistake and it doesn't work with desktop motherboards. You can set up a server in a large desktop style case or traditional server rack. The board measurements and your space availabilty will determine which is best for you.
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