New computer smell?

I ordered a prebuilt gaming pc from newegg a week or so ago. I unpacked it and removed the side panel to check plugs and make sure all the components were seated properly. After i removed the panel i noticed a funny smell coming from the computer. It wasnt a bad smell and it didnt smell like anything was burnt it just smelled like what i imagine a brand new computer with all new parts would smell like. Ive had it running for a good 2 days now and i can still smell it faintly.

It honestly doesnt smell like anything bad and all of my temps are below 40 degrees even during a long gaming session.

Is it normal for a brand new computer to have an "odd" smell? Im not too worried as the temps are all low and everything is stable but ive never owned a new computer so ive never smelled it before.
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  1. I would not be surprised if the new plastics and paints smelled pretty strongly. My new case was rather stinky when I first opened it up. So long as it smells more 'plastic' than 'burnt', I wouldn't worry.
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