Strange problem in Warhead

Hi. I got a strange problem in WARHEAD. After 1 hour of play ( when i was dead maybe 20 times ) and using this fastes load game.
Game just runs 50% slow than normal in the same places. Why? Just only when i make a very often load game.
But when i restart game and then run all is ok. But again if i died a few times , load game , then the game runs very slow.

Ati 5870
I5 2,66
4gb ram
Be Quiet DP 1000W

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Catalyst 10.4

other games runs ok
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  1. What settings are you running it on?
    Maybe your PC is over heating?
  2. ENTHUSIAST ...............

    but......if i dont makes this load games and only play all is ok. Even few hours.
  3. That is Strange, Have you done any OCing?

    Maybe trying to find the Profiles and saving them somewhere else then re-installing the game and placing the profiles back in the source folder?

    Good Luck!:D
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