No Video Through HDMI Port

Hi everyone. I've searched this site and Googled and have yet to find an answer to my problem hopefully someone here can help. My specs are as follows

Windows 7 HP
AMD Phenom 9850 2.5GHz Quad-Core Processor
4GB Ram
Power Color ATI HD 4850, 1GB Graphics card
500W power supply.

My problem is the 4850 which has a native HDMI port won't output video to my HDTV. I've tried every CCC setting I could use to fix it. I've tried to use Windows to configure it to no avail. Tried both HDMI ports on the tv, nothign works. The strange part is my old graphics card was an Nvidia GEOFORCE 210 and it had no problem outputting to the tv without even messing with the settings. The hdtv does show up in both the catalyst and windows control screens, but there's no video on the screen. The 4850 will output to the tv through the DVI port. I have a dvi-hdmi cable for the connection. I guess I have 2 questions

#1 is there something I'm missing as far as settings for the hdmi port or is this some sort of an ati problem since the nvidia card will output from it's hdmi port

#2 I'm going to try it when I get home but thought I'd ask first, can I output sound through the tv the way I'm configured now through the cards dvi port? For some reason I've always thought only hdmi ports carried both video and sound. I hope I'm wrong. I have noticed there doesn't appear to be any video difference so that's one less thing to worry about.

If i can output sound through the dvi port, it's not that big a deal I can just keep the configuration I have. If the dvi port won't output sound, I'm either going to have to invest in new computer speakers(mine suck) or invest in a comparable nvidia card which probably won't be possible at the price point I got the 4850 at. Thanks for any input in advance everyone. I love this site
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  1. ATI cards will output sound through a DVI-to-HDMI converter. But in order to do so you need to activate the HDMI sound driver through windows.

    Have you tried re-installing the drivers and CCC?

    I had a video output problem with my ATI card (4870) in that although my LCD TVis 1080p, CCC would block that output until i unchecked the "Hide modes that my monitor cannot display" in the windows display settings. For some reason, windows didn't believe that my TV could do 1080p, but once I unchecked that box, the display worked. Before that, I would get a "signal not supported" message when trying to run 1080p.
  2. Jofa I'll give those ideas a try. It's good to know the dvi port on the card will pass the sound though. That's my main concern with my current set up. I'm still going to check the "hide modes" and driver reinstallation suggestions first. Thanks for your input :)
  3. Here's my updates on my situation and my conclusions I've come too

    I didn't find a hide modes option on the CCC software. So I tried the following hook ups

    1.hdmi port on card to hdmi port on tv with a hdmi/hdmi cable=No Video

    2.dvi port on card to hdmi port on tv with a dvi/hdmi cable= Video, no hdmi sound

    3. grey dvi-hdmi adapter attached to card, to hdmi port on tv with the hdmi/hdmi cable=no video, no sound, but sound device shows up in windows control panel

    Since the dvi port on the card shows video with the dvi/hdmi cord when connected to the hdmi port on the tv, but it doesn't show video when I use the adapter with teh same cable, I'm guessing the cable need to be replaced. It's obvious to me that a problem with the tv can be ruled out.

    The only two things that can't be ruled out are the hdmi cord I have which won't show video from the cards hdmi port or the dvi port with the hdmi adapter(since we know the dvi port works fine with the other cord).

    The other thing would be the hdmi port on the card which I can't test until I buy another hdmi cable since the one I have may be faulty. So off to Best Buy I go today. Did I miss anything?
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