GPU used for processing?

Been hearing rumours of new graphics cards that can have their resources used to assist the CPU

I run alot of data analysis, database development

Whats the scoop on these cards, and what type of boost can they provide?
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  1. Its not anything new actually Nvidia GPU's have been assisting the CPU with physics for years now.
  2. I have yet to hear that. They will share some ram.
    Closest thing I can think of is AMD's Fusion (GPU and CPU on the same die)
  3. Something about CPU using STREAM processors?

    But this will be different for the two as only AMD use stream, and more cores...whereas Nvidia is different tech with less cores

    Trying to decide on new card for my i3. I love Nvidia but this eyefinity tech from ATI looks amazing
  4. GTX 460 in SLI is unbeatable right now.
  5. ^+1
    For price per performance the GTX 460 is a unbeatable choice!
  6. Hmmmm...would an i3 540 be enough for 2 GTX460 in SLI?

    Also, main question......could i run 3 screens....this is what I really want (and why Nvidia caught my eye.....with the eyefinity - no pun)

  7. Yes you could, with nvidia card, however I think you might have to get a third card... I'm not sure though
  8. for thought. Maybe a quick mail to Nvidia, see what they say. At present I run an i3 530, mini itx zotac H55 board and 8800GTS. but want to move to dx11. everything is pointing towards a GTX460, and this card is perfect for the SUGO 6 silverstone case. and thinking long term I might get another rig with double PCI-E slots for SLI. Anyone suggest a small, powerful mobo for SLI and socket 1156?
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