Eyefinity on 5870 and DisplayPort

I'm currently switching from 8800GTX SLI'd to a single 5870. However, I currently have the following monitor setup:

Samsung 21" LCD with DVI 1600x1200
Samsung 21" LCD with DVI 1600x1200
Apple 30" Cinema with Dual-Link 2560x1600

The 5870 comes with 2 dual link DVI's and a DisplayPort. Am I able to use a NON-ACTIVE displayport to DVI converter for one of my Samsung's and connect the other 2 LCD's to the DVI's? Just trying to find a way of avoiding the ridiculous $100 Apple converter.
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  1. Hi, for one thing I have heard that the apple one isn't the best there is, I think dell's one works better.

    Two, I do not think your monitor setup is going to work. Eyefinity, correct me if I am wrong does not support portrait-landscape-portrait orientation and that it would seem is what you are aiming for.
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